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Latest update: June 25, 2020

On the 21st of June 2020 the Spanish Government ended the State of Alarm for the whole of Spain. Legislative control was returned to the Canary Island respective autonomous Governments.

The information below is valid for the duration of phase 4 (the “New Normal”) until a vaccine or effective medication becomes available!

POLICE: dial 112   –   AMBULANCE: dial 112   –    FIRE BRIGADE: dial 112

At the time of writing (25 June 2020) the conditions with regard to the Coronavirus are very favorable with only a few cases remaining and those are mainly from illegal immigrants from the African continent.

The authorities of the island of Tenerife have received broad guidelines on how to deal with the Coronavirus, the individual municipalities each fill in their own requirements, this can lead to some differences per municipality, mainly over the use of beaches and other public spaces

Below we will list the main regulations which are required (and punishable) by law and a few conditions we have set in order to guarantee the safety of our guests, not punishable by law, but not adhering to them can lead to the reservation being cancelled without refund.

Travelling to Tenerife

Most guests arrive by airplane so we will only mention the conditions for travelling by plane here, for alternative travel methods please contact the carrier.
We strongly advise to take out comprehensive travel insurance for your holiday to Tenerife!
The general rule for most airports and airlines is to wear a mask in the airport and onboard the plane, to check in all luggage, avoid public water fountains and avoid moving unnecessary inside the plane.
We recommend to have hand sanitizer with you for your entire trip.
The airline staff will ask you to complete a form with your contact details and where you will stay in Tenerife, this is a requirement by the Spanish Government to enter the country, refusal to provide information can lead to the traveller not being able to enter and a fine being imposed.

At the airport
Once you land in Tenerife you are also obliged to wear a mask inside the terminal, this is not a request, it is obligatory and punishable by law with a fine or even a jail term.
The above is applicable to all personss of 6 years and olde, for children aged between 3 and 5 it is not a requirement, but recommended.
The difference with the country you are arriving from might be the type of mask that is worn, in Spain it is required that the mask is a simple surgical mask (see photo) at minimum, no home-made cloth masks or scarfs are allowed.
There will be a security check point where an official will take your temperature (at a distance) and you will be visually inspected for any Coronavirus symptoms.
When collecting your luggage please stand back from the belt and only approach when your luggage is near and no other travellers are close to you.
Once outside you will be allowed to take off your mask providing you can maintain a distance of 1,5 meter between your party and other persons.
In Tenerife it is compulsary to wear masks in outdoor situations, only where a distance of 1,5 meter to other persons (not in your party) cannot be maintained and inside shops or shopping centers and on public transport.
Depending on your mode of transport to the apartment you will be required to wear a mask.
All shops and commercial enterprises will supply hand sanitizer and some will take your temperature and ask you to wear gloves which they will provide if required.

Please note! Masks are not supplied, they are available from any pharmacy and most supermarkets, the maximum price is regulated by law and should not be more than € 0,94 each, but in packs of multiple units they are much cheaper. make sure you have enough supply for your party and remember, it is recommended to change the mask after 4 hours of use.

Arriving at the apartment

When arriving for check-in please follow the instructions we have provided you prior to your travel.
In this time of uncertainty we will try to limit the contact with guests as much as possible while still being available at all times.
For this reason we will be letting more guest do a self-check-in in which case you have received details on how to obtain access.

If you have been asked to come to our office for the check-in please follow these instructions!

  • only 1 person per desk inside the office
  • wear a mask when entering
  • clean your hands with the hand sanitizer present near the entrance
  • stay behind the plexiglass screens
  • when making cash payment please count out the money in front of us and return it to the envelop or plastic bag before handing it over.
  • if you have questions please pose them via Whatsapp during office hours
  • if coming to make a reservation, no more than 2 persons are allowed in the office in total

Staying in the apartment 

Once you received the keys or code you can enter the apartment, before going to all rooms please have all members of your party use the sanitizing gel present.
The apartment you enter has been professionally cleaned and sanitized by our in-house staff.
We have chosen for a method that has been used by hospitals and airlines for many years and use UV-C / Ozone Germicidal radiation lamps to completely sanitize the apartment and all items inside, including glassware, cutlery and crockery.
This method eradicates 99% of all known germs and viruses including the Coronavirus as well as cleaning the air.
It guarantees you a totally clean apartment upon arrival!
It is up to you to keep it in this state during your stay.
A high level of hygiene is always a priority in warm climates and for this reason we always ask guests to not leave rubbish bags in bins on departure, but also not for more than a day or so during the stay.
In Tenerife the rubbish containers get emptied every day (usually at night).


Staying in a complex

It is important to follow the community rules of the complex you are staying in especially with regard to the use of communal pools.
Most complexes need reservations prior to staying at the pool as the number of visitors allowed are limited by law.
The regulations will be posted on the complex walls.


important WARNING! UV-C / Ozone radiation lights!

The sanitizing lights we use in the apartments to completely eradicate viruses and other pathogens use a wavelength between 200 – 280 nanometers, this is the most effective way to disinfect surfaces according to major studies.
The lights come in the shape of ordinary light bulbs, they are safe to use but they should never be used by unauthorized persons as they can cause damage to the skin and eyes in seconds.
For this purpose the lights are fitted with remote timers making it possible to operate them from a distance.
The lights in the apartments are clearly marked and normally removed for the duration of your stay.
In some situations (late self-check-in) it can be that the lights have not been removed (but will not be on), in this case you will always be informed and receive clear instructions.
All apartments are sanitized before you arrive, the cost is included in your stay, the next scheduled clean will be after your departure.
Should you require additional sanitizing please contact us and we will give you quote according to the size of the apartment you are in.

If additional sanitizing is requested please take into account that no person can be inside the apartment during the process and for at least 1 hour afterwards.


 !At no time should the guests operate UV-C / Ozone germicidal lights, without exception!



Mami 2009 Real Estate Agents S.L trading as Tenerife Rental & Sales (TRS) is not responsible for claims resulting from guests having been infected with Coronavirus or become ill during their stay in one of the apartments managed by the company. 


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