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A guide to what the “New Normal” means in Tenerife and what to expect in our Apartments.

Dear Guests,

After months of lock-down under very stringent conditions we are very happy to announce our return and the fact you have found this page because it means we will be welcoming you back (or maybe for the first time) to Tenerife, where the climate is the best in the world, people are friendly and everything is affordable.
Lets hope we can pick up where we left of in March of 2020 when we got so rudely interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic.
All in all an excellent result and a testament to the Canary Government and the health care workers who have done a brilliant job especially at the start of the pandemic when they locked down a hotel with 1000 guests in Costa Adeje which not many appreciated at the time, but which in hindsight has saved many lives.
Since then a lot has happened and everybody stayed away (as opposed to “came together”) with as a result that we were virtually virus free when tourism was allowed back, but then the Uk Government recalled it citizens amid a rise of cases.
We ask you respect the rules and regulations imposed by the Government and local authorities so we can stay open to provide you with holiday accommodation.

Update: Latest Corona figures for Tenerife & other Islands

For the latest information please visit the Canary Government Coronovirus dashboard here

Latest News: Recent reports say that a test will be required to enter the Canary Islands, airport test is imminent making it possible to restore the save air corridors.


This guide is meant to be informative with regard to the rules and regulations, but also a positive and supportive message to travelers who are possibly a little nervous about flying and holidaying in a foreign country for the first time after the lock-down.
Where is says obligatory, required or necessary, it means exactly that, no compliance can lead to hefty fines.

The New Normal (phase 4) – What does it mean?

Spain introduced a 4 phase plan to systematically return to normality, we are currently in the last phase which will last until an effective vaccine or medication is available. In this last phase there are still some restrictions, but these should not affect your stay in our apartments or your holiday in general.

We have only one message – ADHERE TO THE REGULATIONS – it is how we got here and how we can all stay safe.

 Is it safe to fly?

The safety and sanitizing measures for airports and aircraft have been dramatically increased, by adhering to the airlines instructions it will be safe to fly. We recommend to purchase some hand sanitizer prior to boarding to add to your check in luggage as well as a number of surgical masks to use while on board and at the airports. 1 bottle sanitizer will be available at the apartment on arrival.


From the 3rd of July 2020 the Spanish Government requires that each adult visitor from another country fill in a form, either online or in the app available from Google Play or the App Store or as supplied by the airline, giving details and email to receive a QR code by mail or app that needs to be shown on arrival.
Currently available in Spanish, English, German and French
VISIT THE WEBSITE HERE: https://www.spth.gob.es/

Also, to be able to register you as a tourist we require a copy of the travel document of each member of your party.
Please provide this by email to: mila@tenerifeprojects.com



Arriving at the airport in Tenerife!

On arriving you will be required (by law) to wear a mask inside the airport and  outside regardless if you can maintain a distance of at least 1,5 meters to other persons not in your group.
The mask needs to be a (simple) surgical mask (see photo below) which are available all over the world, but in Tenerife from all pharmacies and supermarkets at a controlled price (max. € 0,94 each)
The wearing of a mask is not required for children under the age of 6, but recommended where possible.

There will be a security check point where an official will take your temperature (at a distance) and you will be visually inspected for any Coronavirus symptoms.
When collecting your luggage please stand back from the belt and only approach when your luggage is near and no other travellers are close to you.

Travel by Taxi

Taxi´s are available at the airport as usual, but it would be advisable to pre-book your taxi, inside the taxi you will be required to wear a mask.
Public transport is available as usual (titsa.com), it is required to wear a mask on public transport and tickets should be bought in the airport (the driver does not accept money!).

Check in

During phase 4 we will allow self-check in as much as possible, if required to pay a balance you can do so in our office on Parque Santiago 2.
The form of payment can be as agreed previously, including cash which will be sanitized in our office. Cash should be counted out in front of our staff and handed over in a envelop or plastic bag.
Only one person is allowed to enter the office at one time and needs to be wearing a mask.

The Apartment

The apartment you will be staying in has been completely cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom including blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, sheets, crockery, cutlery, glassware and all surfaces with UV-C / Ozone Germicidal lights as well as by conventional method using bleach (1:50) prior to your arrival.
Close to the entrance you will find a bottle of Hydro-Alcoholic Gel, we request you use this every time upon entering the apartment.
1 bottle per apartment is supplied free of charge, we have additional bottles available from our office, but almost all supermarkets sell these.
During you stay we ask that you not leave bins bags for longer than 2 days in the apartments and remove them to the containers on your complex on departure.
On check out please make sure all your personal belongings are removed as well as any left over foodstuffs, drinks and magazines or books.
Of course we ask you to adhere to the regulations for your safety and the safety of our staff and not leave the apartment in a state that might endanger our staff.
For this reason it is not allowed to entertain visitors outside your group in the apartments, only members of your group can enter the apartment.



General Measures – Amenities

There are not that many rules to observe apart from the obligatory wearing of masks, keeping distance of at least 1,5 meter from any person not in your group.
Do not smoke within 2 mtr. of another person.
Not all commercial businesses are open and those that are operate at reduced capacity, this includes the pools on complexes.
It might be required to book time at the pool, but this will be indicated in the complex.
You might find a few discrepancies between complexes and shops as they display slightly different rules, we advice you to familiarize yourself with the pool regulations on your complex on arrival in case it is required to book and to obtain the details of how/where to do so.
The same goes for the beaches where regulation can differ per municipality, but in general all beaches are open to the public and the rules in effect are displayed.
If beaches become too crowded the local police will limit the numbers.

Please note that we do not control amenities such as pools or wifi, the non- or limited availability of these is no cause to demand refunds in whole or partial.

It is required to adhere to the house rules as indicated on the website you booked with.
These are in general: no parties or loud noises at any time in the apartment or complex.

There is a zero tolerance policy!


If experiencing any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus please call the number below.

for any other emergency call 112
POLICE: dial 112   –   AMBULANCE: dial 112   –    FIRE BRIGADE: dial 112



The type of mask as pictured below is required to be worn by Spanish law when it is not possibly to maintain a distance of 1,5 meter, in public buildings, in buildings where required by the proprietor, on public transport if over the age of 6.

Of course it is allowed to wear higher grade surgical masks such as N95.

surgical single use mask

In Tenerife it is compulsory to wear masks in outdoor situations and inside shops or shopping centers and on public transport.
Depending on your mode of transport to the apartment you will be required to wear a mask.
All shops and commercial enterprises will supply hand sanitizer and some will take your temperature and ask you to wear gloves which they will provide if required.
Please note! Masks are not supplied, they are available from any pharmacy and most supermarkets, the maximum price is regulated by law and should not be more than € 0,94 each, but in packs of multiple units they are much cheaper. make sure you have enough supply for your party and remember, it is recommended to change the mask after 4 hours of use.


When arriving for check-in please follow the instructions we have provided you prior to your travel.
If you have been asked to come to our office for the check-in please follow these instructions!

  • only 1 person per desk inside the office
  • wear a mask when entering
  • clean your hands with the hand sanitizer present near the entrance
  • stay in front of the plexi-glass screens
  • when making cash payment please count out the money in front of us and return it to the envelop or plastic bag before handing it over.
  • if you have questions please pose them via Whatsapp during office hours
  • if coming to make a reservation, no more than 2 persons are allowed in the office in total at any one time.


The sanitizing lights we use in the apartments to completely eradicate viruses and other pathogens use a wavelength between 200 – 280 nanometers, UV-C), this is the most effective way to sanitize areas according to major studies.
They are used in hospitals, airports, airplanes, buses and trains all over the world.
The lights come in the shape of ordinary light bulbs, they are safe to use but they should never be used by unauthorized persons as they can cause damage to the skin and eyes in seconds.
For this purpose the lights are fitted with remote timers making it possible to operate them from a distance.
The lights in the apartments are clearly marked and normally removed for the duration of your stay.
In some situations (late self-check-in) it can be that the lights have not been removed (but will not be on), in this case you will always be informed and receive clear instructions.
All apartments are sanitized before you arrive, the cost is included in your stay, the next scheduled clean will be after your departure.
Should you require additional sanitizing please contact us and we will give you quote according to the size of the apartment you are in.

If additional sanitizing is requested please take into account that no person can be inside the apartment during the process and for at least 1 hour afterwards.


 !At no time should the guests operate UV-C / Ozone germicidal lights, without exception!
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Mami 2009 Real Estate Agents S.L trading as Tenerife Rental & Sales (TRS) is not responsible for claims resulting from guests having been infected with Coronavirus or become ill during their stay in one of the apartments managed by the company.

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