Dear Guests,
As with any professionally managed property, a set of house rules is an essential tool to ensure properties are not violated in any way and remain in the condition that they were received in.
House rules are also to ensure that neighbors who might live permanently at the location are not disturbed in any way.
Most of the house rules are intiated by the various property owner associations of the complexes that offer the rentals, but we as professional agents have also added our rules.
We strive to make rules as little stringent as possible to ensure you a hassle free holiday.
Please observe the rules below, they are enforced stringently!
Our General Terms & Conditions are part of the house rules, you can view these here.
For more information: info@tenerifeprojects.com


  • The rules on the complex need to be adhered to.
  • No loud noises at any time of night and day in the property or on the complex
  • No complaints from neighbors, security staff, police or the community office regarding anything
  • No smoking inside the apartments (outside or on balcony´s it is permitted with use of an ashtray provided this is not overruled by local law)
  • No towels / sheets over the balcony railings at any time
  • Rubbish is to be dumped in the indicated bins on the complex, not to be kept inside the apartment for an extended period of time to prevent vermin such as cockroaches
  • On departure day all rubbish must be removed to the allocated bins on the complex or street.
  • Persons not registered in the property rented are not allowed to be on the premises without prior consent of Tenerife Rental & Sales
  • No jumping of gates, keys are provided and should always be on the person(s) exiting the complex, as a rule 2 sets are supplied, we recommend to leave 1 set in the key box by the door.
  • Keys should never be left in the door on the inside of the apartment as it would not be possible to open the lock from the outside (locksmiths are expensive)
  • The above rules in combination with any additional restriction or rules set on the On Line Travel Agent you booked with are all a condition of stay
  • Not following these rules or the general terms & conditions will result in cancellation of the reservation with immediate effect and without refund and possible loss of damage / security deposit at the sole discretion of Tenerife Rental & Sales  

About TRS
Tenerife Rental & Sales is the trade name of Mami 2009 Real Estate Agents S.L. We have been active on Tenerife in the Hospitality and Real Estate Branch for over a decade. As certified Intermediaries we will be able to provide you with the perfect holiday let.

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Tenerife Rental & Sales Is the tradename of Mami 2009 Real Estate Agents S.L. (CIF: B76792324)
Licensed Intermediary – Estate Agent

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